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The Team

Quality members
Our team is a potent blend of seasoned traders, visionary strategists, creative artists, and devoted community managers, each playing a pivotal role in the growth and success of our kingdom.
HawkSpice | Founder
Business Analyst and Forex trader with 6+ years of experience ready to tackle the Web3 world and bring a new view on how things are done in the space.
Azan | Advisor - Luna Labs
Founder of Luna Labs, an exclusive 100 member DAO focused on collecting the best WEB3 Talent in the ecosystem. Prior to coming to WEB3, he built 2 successful businesses. He advises and runs multiple projects in the WEB3 space.
"My vision is to bring a positive change to the ecosystem with fresh, creative ideas."
MikeJagga | Storyteller - MetaBards
Actor, writer, and CEO of MetaBards, bringing over a decade of storytelling experience to the Blockchain; breathing life into lore.
CryptoCoders | Development Team
Studio with 9 team members who have launched over 50 projects are partnered as the development studio to bring the roadmap to life. CryptoCoders are working as technical, marketing and strategy advisors on top of providing development resources to execute the vision.
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