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Mint Funds

At Royal Ties we believe that funds should be used to generate value, products and services for the community.
Following that belief, we must make really clear that we value time, money and the trust set upon our founding members to make Royal Ties a successful and profitable community.


As an educational NFT Project we will allocate most of our funds to generate value to our community. This includes content generation, tool development and guarding the project's sustainability.
  • Revenue Streams - 30% - Allocated
  • Tool Development - 15% - Allocated
  • Safety Nets - 15% - Being Created
  • Advisors - 20% - Paid
  • Administration & Staff - 20% - Not Allocated


  • Revenue Streams - This distribution will be used to participate directly in different trading markets. The revenue generated will be used to fund other ideas and community projects we have in the pipeline.
  • Content Development - Educational content is the core of our project and due to the nature of the topics, we want to provide the best possible user experience in our learning platforms. This includes live workshops and documentation for recorded workshop sessions.
  • Tool Development - Creation of in-house tools that will allow our holders to study and practice on all our educational areas is a key part of our growth as a community.
  • Safety Net - These funds will be used if one or more of our revenue streams fail. Once we solidify multiple revenue streams, these funds will be invested to a mix of the accounts above.
  • Advisors - These funds are a payment for Luna Labs Advisors for helping us with development, marketing, and organization of our community.
  • Administration & Staff - All types of administrative fees will be deducted from this fund. This includes servers, hosting, tool maintenance, marketing materials, staff payments, etc.
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