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Project Revenue

A good NFT project should be self-sustainable to provide longevity and long-term value to every holder. We have planned multiple revenue streams that will position Royal Ties to generate content for the years to come while allowing all our holders to participate, learn and earn rewards with us.

Revenue Streams

  • Market Trading - This channel will be managed and maintained by a team of traders. With proper risk/reward management, we can generate a steady revenue stream for our project.
  • Tools - All the tools we develop for our NFT holders will be available for purchase to the general public. This revenue stream will be constantly expanding since our offering of tools increases with every market area that we open.
  • Education - Our educational content and platform will be leased, white-labeled or offered as a service (SaaS) to different projects and communities. This generates a sustainable revenue stream a with big potential for growth.
  • Subscriptions - After we solidify our NFT community we will create a subscription based model where new users (who don't own a Royal Ties NFT) must signup and pay a monthly fee to gain access to our trading platforms and services.
  • Gamification - Our Knights NFT collection has a built-in gamification platform. For every action that the holders decide to make (trait purchases, upgrades, swaps, etc.) there will be a fee involved that will circle back to the project.
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